Lacaze Zenfans


Lacaze Zenfans, Cite Mangalkhan, Floreal , Mauritius

Lacaze Zenfans was created in November 2010. It is a centre that provides after-school services for about 80 children in densely populated areas that are affected by poverty. Lacaze Zenfans offers academic and recreational programs for after school and during the holidays for needy children between the ages of 5 and 15.

We work together with the local school, the families and the community so as to design programs that meet the specific needs of the children.

The Venue : A small house found in the area itself so it is easily accessible to the children. The most important aim of the centre is to provide a clean, peaceful and welcoming space for the children to come to after school and during the holidays. A healthy snack is also provided.




    • Homework- we provide the time, the place and the assistance to help the children complete their homework.
    • English classes- as the national education is in English the children encounter a lot of difficulty understanding the curriculum as English is not their mother tongue. A lot of support is required in this area.
    • Mathematics
    • Life skills such as anti-bullying, anti-drugs campaign, proper hygiene and nutrition.
    • Sports –especially during holiday periods, children participate in various sports camp in swimming, football, tennis, basketball and athletics.
    • Arts and music
    • Outings – field trips, theatre, picnics.
    • Medical check-ups and follow up where needed.




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